THE ZTCY SOLUTION 中特公司换热器检测解决方案


ZTCY can provide a full range of heat exchanger testing services


Detection methods include the following:


  • ECT - Eddy Current Testing
  • ECT - 涡流检测
  • RFT - Remote Field Testing
  • RFT - 远场涡流检测
  • LSMECT - Local strong magnetic eddy current testing
  • LSMECT - 局域强磁涡流检测
  • IRIS - Internal Rotary Inspection System
  • IRIS - 内旋转超声检测
  • TTRT - Tube toTube Sheet weld radiographic inspection
  • TTRT -管子管板角焊缝射线检测
  • TTPAUT - Tube toTube Sheet weld PAUT inspection
  • TTPAUT -管子管板角焊缝相控阵检测
  • HT - Helium testing
  • HT - 氦检

Choosing the appropriate inspection method for your equipment depends on your tube material and specific inspection needs. All our crews are trained to use all techniques so they can perform complementary inspections, providing the most comprehensive service possible.


We have the best employees in the industry. The key ZTCY differentiator is the high level of training received by our crews, who work efficiently and report quickly.


They are unique in the industry in that they consist of:


  • A 2 to 3-person team to perform the inspection
  • 由两到三人组成的专用团队进行检测
  • An additional technician to analyse results on-site
  • 专门的技术人员在现场分析结果
  • As a result, we can typically provide:
  • 因此,我们通常可以提供:
  • Preliminary results during testing
  • 检测过程中的初步结果
  • Preliminary inspection report the next morning
  • 次日班前的初步检测报告
  • A final report that is delivered in days
  • 在几天内的最终报告

The report is very detailed, including overall description, historical data, diagrams of tube sheet defects, etc. Reports are only useful when the customer understands them fully.


  • ZTCY ensures our customers understand our reports by:
  • 中特公司通过以下方式确保我们的客户完全理解解我们的报告:
  • Explaining the initial reports on the day of inspection
  • 检查当天的初步报告解释
  • Providing a timeline for final report delivery
  • 提供最终报告交付的时间表
  • Stay on the phone all the time
  • 保持每时每刻的电话沟通。
  • Interview anytime to answer all questions
  • 随时进行面谈来回答客户所有问题

The ZTCY goal is to provide excellent service and exceed the industry standard.

ZTCY 的目标是提供卓越的服务并超越行业标准。