Eddy current testing of ZTCY

Characteristics of ZTCY’s eddy current testing technology:

  • A variety of methods, including: conventional ET(for non-ferromagnetic materials), local magnetic saturation ET (for weak ferromagnetic materials), built-in rotating ET(detection tube wall cracks)
  • Conventional eddy current precision testing: According to the Chinese standard, or the German BASF standard (using inside and outside the ladder thinning samples and inside and outside the flat bottom hole sample, quantitative accuracy requirements are much higher than the Chinese standard), or in accordance with customer requirements.
  • local magnetic saturation ET : used in dual phase steel and other weak magnetic material heat exchanger tube detection, accuracy and reliability greatly exceeded the conventional eddy current and far field eddy current.
  • Internal eddy current: suitable for ultra-high pressure tubular reactor wall fatigue crack detection, heat exchanger expansion zone crack detection, as well as a variety of pipe fittings and weld surface cracks and near surface crack detection, sensitivity is higher than ultrasound.